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Joint Industry Program

3 min read

Handling Hard Spots: ADV's Hard Spots JIP Seeks Clarity in Hard Spots Threat Management

The behavior of high hardness threats (hard spots) and the testing, inspection, and analysis process appropriate for identifying, treating, and...

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2 min read

User Groups Imperative for Successful Technology Advancements

Collaboration in the energy industry is becoming more essential in reaching ever-changing energy transition goals. User groups allow like-minded...

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2 min read

See Through Dirt: Understanding Bending Strain For Better Geohazard Threat Management

When a geohazard threat is knocking at the door, knowing the next step is a complicated and frustrating process. Not wanting to overreact, but also...

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4 min read

Applications of CO2 and Hydrogen in the Energy Transition

The midstream industry is rushing into a new era. Energy is on the verge of a global shift towards more sustainable practices. The forthcoming...

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