Joint Industry Program Formation

An effective way to address industry‐specific challenges through collaboration.

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Stronger Together

Collaborate with ADV Integrity to unlock the potential of today's technology and address industry challenges through Joint Industry Programs (JIPs). Through JIPs, we bring together key players to solve the industry's most challenging problems.

The energy industry depends on reliable and efficient technology for safe operations. When technology works, incredible things happen. When technology doesn't work, there is risk in operational activities.

JIPs offer a powerful alternative to individual operators tackling the same issues, delivering financial benefits and substantial returns on investment. Averaging ten or more participants, JIPs foster collective expertise and resources to focus on technology development or assessment.

ADV Integrity works alongside oil and gas operators to identify and evaluate the best technology solutions tailored to specific needs. With ADV Integrity's combined experience in over 35 JIPs, we are well-equipped to assist you in organizing a JIP for your company. Contact us today and let's collaborate for industry success.


Benefits of JIPs

Shared Expertise

Bring together key players, pooling knowledge and resources to foster innovative solutions for industry challenges.

Cost Efficiency

Enable cost sharing among participants, making research and development more economical compared to individual efforts.

Accelerated Progress

Collaborative efforts in JIPs lead to rapid advancements in technology development or assessment through shared resources and insights.

Risk Mitigation

Collectively address industry-specific risks by sharing knowledge, conducting joint testing, and validating technologies.

Networking Opportunities

Provide a platform for networking, fostering relationships, and creating partnerships within the industry for future collaborations.



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