Full-Scale Testing

Confirming the performance of advanced technologies in a real-world scenario

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Prove the Performance

Full-scale testing allows us to confirm the performance of advanced technologies in a real-world scenario, while at the same time providing us with a vehicle for validating and calibrating numerical models.

There is no substitute for proving numerical models through full-scale testing. We live by the Ronald Reagan saying, “Trust, but verify.”

For oil and gas operators, full-scale testing allows us to better understand their systems’ capacities, including the assessment of features, defects, and anomalies. We’ve worked with pipeline operators worldwide to help them quantify the effects of anomalies on their systems’ integrity.

Using our ICAD process (Inspection, Categorization, Assessment, and Determination), we help operators determine the best course of action to ensure their continued safe operation. The result is a start-to-stop process for assisting operators with defect detection and assessment, risk reduction, and decision making.

bending and creaform-16

Types of Full-Scale Tests

Static Pressure Testing

Hydrostatic proof, leak, and burst testing up to 60,000 psig liquid and 20,000 psig gas for pipes and equipment.

Cyclic Pressure Testing

Perform up to 10,000 cycles per day on various pipe diameters up to 3,000 psig with our pressure cycle systems.

Bending Frame

3 or 4-point bending frame with a capacity of 3,000,000 ft-lbf, accommodating pipes up to 32" diameter and 30' length.

Cold Temperature Testing

Our test chamber is 20’x8’x7’ and capable of testing to -50°F.

Low and Elevated Temperature Testing

Shielded environmental chambers capable of temperatures from 350°F to -60°F for a range of sample sizes.

Data & Instrumentation

Premier data acquisition equipment, diverse instrumentation, including DIC system and Creaform 3D scanner for precise testing.

Sub-Scale Testing

100-kip load frame for tension/compression, fatigue, and toughness tests on sub-scale samples with environmental chamber for varied temperatures.

Specialty Fixture Design, Fabrication & Testing

Custom test fixtures designed and fabricated for external, thermal, or internal pressure loading scenarios.




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