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Spoolable Solutions: ADV Advances Study of Spoolable Testing and Integrity Management Solutions

Spoolable Solutions: ADV Advances Study of Spoolable Testing and Integrity Management Solutions

Spoolables might be the future of pipelines, but, as with any innovative technology, uncharted territory still exists around various aspects of their application and management. ADV Integrity is conducting extensive studies on spoolable pipe systems to provide validation and guidance for their safe and efficient operation.

As a testing service provider, ADV Integrity provides third-party testing and validation for spoolable pipes, including API SPEC 15S qualification tests and client-specific tests. In addition to providing independent evaluations as needed, ADV Integrity also provides specialized testing for atypical applications or requirements beyond industry standards. For any questions not solvable by current protocols, ADV Integrity can also form a Joint Industry Program (JIP) to address industry-wide problems and develop standard practices.

One such JIP project, the Combined Loading Assessment of Spoolable Pipe Systems (CLASPS-01), was completed to address the limited research on the effects of combined loading on spoolable pipe end connections, providing more insight into the proper management and deployment of these systems. The derivative CLASPS-02 JIP is currently being developed to focus on defect assessment and inspection of spoolable pipe systems to help operators develop integrity management programs to manage their assets, ensure safety, and mitigate risks. At this time, there are currently no established NDE inspection protocols or integrity management standards for spoolable pipes systems—a clear deficiency that the CLASPS-02 is set to remedy.

Chantz Denowh, Vice President at ADV Integrity, facilitated the CLASPS-01 program and is currently managing the CLASPS-02 program. Through these JIPs, he hopes to improve the reliability of spoolable pipe technology so operators can have confidence in spoolable pipe deployments.

The advantages of using spoolable pipes instead of steel pipe include economical installation and ability to transport corrosive fluids. They can also be used for pipeline rehabilitation or repurposing. By pulling the composite pipe though failing or under-productive pipelines, the spoolable pipe creates an internal liner capable of high-pressure transmission. In a study with TC Energy, ADV Integrity researched the ability of this rehabilitation and repurposing solution to provide a beneficial, cost-efficient alternative to current practices.

Spoolable pipelines represent a technology that could be richly beneficial across the industry. ADV Integrity is committing to continuing to study and advance the existing knowledge of this and other technologies to keep the industry working at its best.

Originally published June 30, 2021