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Advancing the Industry with Comprehensive Innovation Validation Services

Advancing the Industry with Comprehensive Innovation Validation Services

Technology companies are central to pushing the energy industry towards progress and innovation. However, the reality of the data shows us that technology launched in the pipeline industry has a success rate of less than 50% (1).

Despite the odds, the pipeline industry relies on technology providers to foster innovations that improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of operations that serve energy to the nation. Stakeholders living around the pipeline, including operators, regulators, inspection providers, and end-users rely on technology providers and their innovations. Technology companies can step forward into the energy industry with validated, marketed, and showcased technology with the support of ADV Integrity’s suite of services.

ADV Integrity: Validation, Readiness, and Commercialization

In its five-year history, ADV Integrity has supported numerous technology providers in demonstrating readiness levels of technology. The approach at ADV Integrity involves improving processes and collaborating with pipeline operators, which relies on industry feedback and consultations with subject matter experts.

Working with ADV Integrity, you will have access to the extensive resources necessary for validation, including:

Full-scale and sub-scale testing with numerical analysisLarge pipe library for non-destructive testingVarious loading and temperature replication

ADV Marketing: Targeted Marketing

Developing a platform to sell technology requires extensive strategy and tactical planning. ADV Marketing, a sister company of ADV Integrity, works with you one-on-one to communicate the important value you bring to the market. Your resulting marketing strategy will approach the market with smart, targeted, and trackable plans to engage and win clients.

Combining modern business-to-business marketing strategies with compelling and creative media planning will enable technology providers to hit the ground running in serving the market.

IDT EXPO: Showcase and Network

Centered on innovation, design, and technology, IDT EXPO is an event that showcases your technology to stakeholders and operators.

IDT EXPO is a uniquely positioned industry-facing even built on the advancement and collaboration of the most up-to-date products and approaches. Participants walk away with personal connections and expanded networks to facilitate impact on the industry.

The First Step

Overall, the comprehensive suite of services offered by ADV Integrity validates new technologies using a trusted readiness process. After validation, the business behind the technology is supported, marketed, and showcased.

The first step is to reach out, so we can learn more about you. Contact us here.

Our ultimate goal is to support you, so you can focus on what matters – bringing your technology where it’s needed most.

Originally published on March 25, 2022


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