Rhett Dotson and Christopher De Leon know how to have fun with pipeline integrity. As the 20th and 21st addition to ADV Integrity’s growing business (otherwise known as Thing 20 and Thing 21), both bring extensive industry experience and pipeline integrity expertise to ADV Integrity’s services. Their pipeline integrity expertise includes integrity assessments focused on in-line inspection (ILI) and regulatory consulting as it pertains to PHMSA regulations for materials properties verification, maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) reconfirmation, and engineered critical assessments (ECAs). And, most notably, they’re bringing in new ideas to fundamentally improve integrity management consulting for the midstream industry.Rhett has a background in applied engineering for critical problem-solving in pipeline integrity. He is an experienced consultant who has dealt with a wide range of technical problems facing operators. He gained a deep appreciation for ILI based assessments from his work at Rosen, which broaden his consulting capabilities from his days at Stress Engineering Services. Christopher brings in years of notable experience with comprehensive pipeline integrity management from his work as a pipeline integrity engineer at Energy Transfer and leadership as a service manager and ILI expert from his work with Rosen. Both are passionate about serving clients to improve their asset integrity management.

“We want to be your first call when you need support, and to do that, we know we have to earn your trust,” Christopher said. “We’re not traditional. ADV Integrity is not traditional. Building trust and meaningful relationships are our first priority, not pushing proposals at you.”

Rhett echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the availability of ADV Integrity’s engineers for clients.

“Operators should feel like they can call us just to talk about the issues they’re facing. If you have a question, pick up the phone and call us. As consultants, that’s what we’re here for,” Rhett said.

Rhett and Christopher are looking forward to bringing their expertise to enhance ADV Integrity’s already full suite of testing, engineering, and consulting services. Their previous experience with working with operators to implement comprehensive integrity management systems positions them to serve clients on a larger scale.

Rhett said, “ADV Integrity historically is extremely good at solving complex problems for operators. Christopher and I are exceedingly good at understanding how to take that problem and broadly apply it to an operator’s integrity management system.”

ADV Integrity engineers are well-equipped to support operators with comprehensive plans that reduce inefficiencies and make integrity management more effective. Rhett and Chris want operators to begin with the end in mind, starting with clear definitions and objectives before jumping into potentially overwhelming inspection, testing, or analysis. Whether that’s providing consulting on regulations, ECAs, or ILI management, ADV Integrity is ready and eager to serve clients in these areas to enable operators to strategically allocate their resources.

As Rhett said, “Thing 20 and Thing 21 have your back.”

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