Connecting various industry partners to achieve a shared goal can lead to significant advancements industry-wide. ADV Integrity, seated in the ideal position to connect end-users (operators), technology providers, and regulators, is encouraging cross-functional cooperation through Joint Industry Programs (or JIPs). The possible subjects for JIPs are limitless, but they are always focused on meeting the needs of industry partners.

“Joint Industry Projects are great for the industry to come together to solve a common problem,” said Chantz Denowh, Vice President at ADV Integrity. Denowh facilitates multiple JIPs led by ADV Integrity, including the recently completed Combined Loading Assessment of Spoolable Pipe Systems (CLASPS-01) JIP involving 7 operators and 8 technology providers.

JIPs, such as CLASPS-01, can tackle high-cost testing and research programs at low cost to the individual participants. Partners within JIPs form a collaborative work group and contribute to solving a common problem or issue that benefits the industry as a whole. ADV Integrity is well-positioned to act as a connector in the industry because of its pre-established relationships with end-users, technology providers, and regulators, and its advanced industry knowledge.

Denowh said, “Due to our relationships that we have with our clients and a number of connections that we have across the industry, we’re definitely in a great position to organize JIPs. After organizing multiple companies together, not only are the costs more manageable, but it gets the information out to the industry faster.”

Because JIPs establish open communication channels among partners, the resulting research and solutions are usually better than those from independent projects. Operators have more access to the resources provided by technology providers, and vice versa. The combination of resource-sharing, cooperation, and open communication creates synergistic relationships that benefit all parties.

In addition to CLASPS-01, ADV Integrity has also recently completed a composite crack-reinforcement JIP. Several future JIPs are planned, including CLASPS-02, focusing on inspection and characterization of spoolable pipe threats, and a girth weld reinforcement study using composites.

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