Pipeline Integrity Engineering

Operators have limited resources to allocate towards the safety, integrity, compliance, and risk management of their assets. We assist you in making each effort count by leveraging your integrity data coupled with our state of the art capabilities in testing, numerical modeling, engineering, and metallurgy. Our in-house full-scale testing facility allows us to simulate real world scenarios in a safe environment. Using numerical modeling we can replicate these results and test different scenarios, saving you time and resources while making educated decisions for the continued safe operation of your assets. We help you understand your material’s properties to better perform engineering assessments through destructive and non-destructive testing. Our highly qualified staff perform industry leading pipeline integrity engineering for threat assessments and in-line inspection analysis.

As a professional consulting firm, we hire staff members who have bought into our culture built on client-centric service, satisfaction, and success. ADV works hard to provide excellent service and we want our clients and industry partners to achieve tremendous success. When you hire ADV you can rest assured that we’ll treat the technical challenges you face and make them our own. We use full-scale testing, metallurgy, engineering, analysis, and our network to provide technical solutions and connect you with proven technologies and industry partners. We help you use your resources where they matter , it’s the ADV Way!