ADV Integrity, Inc. is an engineering consulting and business strategy firm primarily focused on serving the pipeline industry. ADV was founded in 2017 by Dr. Chris Alexander. Although Chris is an engineer, his true passion is helping people and companies succeed. Throughout his many years in the energy industry, he saw the need for a company to provide energy companies with the vehicle to truly understand how to manage risks through real-world simulations using full-scale testing and numerical modeling.

ADV understands that in operating high-pressure pipelines, oil and gas companies face ever-increasing challenges. We use full-scale testing, engineering, numerical modeling, and analysis to provide solutions. Working together will produce insights required to ensure the continued safe operation of pipelines.

While our primary focus is the high-pressure oil and gas transmission pipeline industry, we also have clients in the upstream and downstream industry sectors. We work with small and large technology companies to validate their technologies through full-scale testing and engineering analysis. Our technology clients include advanced inspection companies, repair and rehabilitation technologies, manufacturers, tool companies, and even consulting companies seeking to validate their numerical analysis results. We’re also very involved in the non-metallic space.

Over the years, many of our clients have become good friends, and we take these relationships very seriously. We work hard because we know people depend on the work we do. More than anything, we want people and companies to succeed.