Materials Engineering

Test. Validate. Verify.

Need material analysis? Our industry-leading metallurgical experts can assist.

At ADV Integrity, we guide you through our unique approach to metallurgical assessment and failure analysis.
Our experts have unique perspectives and experiences with PHMSA regulatory compliance and operator-specific objectives and concerns — we understand that no two failures are exactly alike.
Your custom failure analysis program and testing will be customized to the demands of your specific situations, so you can walk away knowing the key insights pertinent to safe, reliable, and efficient decision-making.

Metallurgical Assessment

We utilize metallurgy and our expertise to characterize features identified on pipelines

Repair Selection

We provide subject matter expertise to determine appropriate pipeline repair methods that reduce risk and increase safety

Failure Analysis

Through years of experience developing customized testing protocols, we assist operators in accurately documenting failure cases


Our experts help you reduce risk and increase efficiency through welding process consultations, consumable selections, and procedure qualifications

ADV Integrity Materials Engineering Resources

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