A Visit with the Founder

Chris Alexander is Founder and President of ADV Integrity, Inc. He's a graduate of Texas A&M University with B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. For almost 25 years he has been serving as a consultant in the oil and gas industry, with a specific focus on the pipeline industry.

Chris' passion is helping people, especially when it comes to bringing technology to help the pipeline industry. Another important passion is helping young professionals build meaningful careers as he recognizes that we all spend so many hours working, we better enjoy it!

In founding ADV Integrity, Inc.,  Chris' objective is to help operators find "optimized" technology to meet the rigorous demands of the energy industry. In coordination with this effort he's partnered with numerous technology companies to guide them through the 4C Technology Implementation Process as shown in the graphic below; this process combines the elements of Critique, Calibration, Certification, and Connecting. Details on this process are available by reading the on-line article, The 4C Technology Implementation Process.

Chris has authorized more than 120 technical papers and presented papers at conferences around the world. Copies of his papers can be downloaded from his personal website (www.chrisalexander.com) or by clicking here.

In addition to his technical publications, Chris authored Be the Beans, a business parable on the power of optimism (www.bethebeans.com).