Aiming to Facilitate Collaboration and Advancement While Moving Forward

ADV Integrity continues to fulfill its purpose by bringing people together to solve problems and connect clients with proven technologies and industry partners. The company works with small and large technology companies to validate their technologies through full-scale testing and engineering analysis. User groups and Joint Industry Programs (JIPs) have proven to be valuable in achieving success together, and ADV Integrity plays a large role in organizing these partnerships. Additionally, moving to a new facility allows the company to provide a gathering place for clients and industry leaders, and supplies a new lab for testing and research.

Getting Involved in Industry Alliances

One of the more successful ways to facilitate advancement in the oil and gas industry is to form user groups and JIPs. ADV Integrity’s involvement in the Spoolable Pipe User Group (SPUG), which aims to increase and accelerate the reliable and safe adoption of spoolable reinforced plastic line pipe, led to the forming of the Combined Loading Assessment of Spoolable Pipe Systems (CLASPS) JIP, followed by the second proposed Combined Loading Assessment of Spoolable Pipe Systems (CLASPS-02) JIP. These JIPs tested the effects of combined loading in various scenarios, calibrated baselines for NDE technologies, and characterized the effects these threats have on short and long-term pressure integrity. ADV Integrity also sponsored the formation of the Integrity Management of High Hardness Areas in Pipelines (Hard Spot) JIP with an intended outcome of guidance on the response criteria for in-line inspection results.

In more recent months, the collaboration between industry partners on user groups and JIPs led to the Composite Technology Advancement Group (CTAG), which connects operators, manufacturers, and organizations in advancing composite technologies.

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ADV Integrity & IDT EXPO

IDT EXPO is a sister company to ADV Integrity born from a shared passion between Chris Alexander, President and Founder of ADV Integrity, and Wendy Courtright, Vice President, to bring people together with the purpose of reducing operational costs, minimizing risks, increasing safety, and maximizing connections for people in the pipeline industry. Since its inception in 2017, IDT EXPO has hosted 11 events that give attendees access to unique educational opportunities, allow them to gain connections with operators, technology providers, and investors, and stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in the industry.

Moving Forward

ADV Integrity is excited to be in its new facility in Magnolia, TX. The 14,000-square-foot full-scale test lab and a 16,000-square-foot office building include a conference center for 180 people. The office is at 4027 Pinehurst Meadow in Magnolia, and all are welcome to visit.


Front view of ADV Integrity's new office building
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