Even though our tagline is “Prove it in here so you can push it out there,” at ADV Integrity we realize everything starts with connections. This means when you work with us, we use every resource we have at our disposal to solve your problem using our extensive network of colleagues, friends, and technology companies. These relationships are why we started ADV and our sister company IDT EXPO. Our goal is to serve you and do everything we can to help you achieve the success you need and want.

At its core, IDT EXPO is focused on helping people and the businesses they operate. We are committed to bringing people and businesses together, with technology as the focal point. Oil and gas operators need “vetted” technologies that work as designed, promised, and promoted; technology innovators need to get their products to market quickly, then into the right hands; and investors need to know the best places to put their money and maximize their returns on investment. Engaging ADV Integrity and the IDT EXPO platform accelerates this entire process.



The energy industry depends on technology for safety, reliability, and efficiency. When technology works incredible things happen. When technology doesn’t work or doesn’t do as it is advertised to work, risk is imposed on operational activities. ADV partners with oil & gas operators to identify the best technology for a given scenario. By understanding market needs and utilizing advanced engineering methods, we evaluate technology and technology-oriented services to reduce risks for an industry where reliability is critical. Our goal is to improve technology readiness levels to ensure the technology we recommend is the one you can trust.

Oil & Gas operators play a central role in services offered by ADV Integrity. We partner with you to evaluate and better understand capabilities and limitations of today’s technology. These objectives are met by single client initiatives or by participation in a Joint Industry Program (JIP). Through the JIP, we are able to bring together key players to solve the industry’s most challenging problems.


Just as oil & gas operators are at risk when technology does not perform as designed, investors are at risk when technology companies fail to deliver capabilities on time as planned. We integrate advanced engineering methods, and we accelerate the process by which companies traverse through the Technology Readiness Levels. As an Investor, ADV Integrity can help you with your investment by ensuring your investment in a technology is ready to deploy into real-life situations which, in turn, increases your return on your investment.

ADV works with investors to evaluate technologies to ensure that they are suited to meet market place needs. Often times technology companies require connections with operators to ensure commercial success. Our partnership with IDT EXPO maximizes the likelihood of success in this arena.


Technology companies play a critical role in the daily operations of the Oil & Gas industry. Operators depend on technologies to provide critical feedback on their systems and when necessary provide insights related to inspection and rehabilitation.

Two challenges face today’s technology companies. The first is ensuring their technologies perform as designed, which typically requires validation by experimentation. The second challenge, once their technologies have been validated, is communicating to operators and regulatory bodies the capabilities that exist with their technologies.

In our efforts to serve the Oil & Gas industry we partner with technology companies to accelerate the adoption of their technologies to the Oil & Gas industry. We take this responsibility seriously, which means that we also partner with operators to ensure that they have access to optimized and safe technologies.