Bridging the gap between operators and innovators is IDT EXPO, a platform dedicated to facilitating connections, exchanging technical knowledge, and offering solutions. On June 4th, IDT EXPO will host the Pipeline Inspection & Monitoring Technologies workshop series. The series will feature presentations from subject matter experts within the inspection industry and demonstrations from vendors and innovators.

IDT EXPO conferences are unique in their ability to provide tailored presentations and workshops to a focused audience. Participants can attend for free and gain unfettered access to speakers, SMEs, and vendor representatives. Unlike other conferences with overwhelmingly large crowds and cluttered agendas, IDT EXPO events are forums, focusing on impactful personal interactions.

Atul Ganpatye, Senior Associate at ADV Integrity, is one of the lead coordinators for the event. He said, “IDT EXPO creates a forum to exchange ideas and showcase emerging technology. It also provides a forum to understand how the technology can be implemented to benefit end users and operators.”

The smaller structure of IDT EXPO’s workshops and conferences has allowed this critical idea-exchange to continue, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the IDT EXPO platform, participants can engage in constructive conversations and exchange of technical know-how no matter where they are within the industry network.

“There needs to be a constant interaction between those who use technology, those who develop and market the technology,” Ganpatye said. “The intent of IDT EXPO in hosting multiple events of this type a year is to provide a constant and consistent forum where participants can attend, ask questions, show data, and discuss applications and improvement of these technologies.”

Wendy Courtright, Vice President of IDT EXPO, created the concept with Chris Alexander, President of ADV Integrity. She said, “Inspection needs are growing, but the forums, the resources, and platforms to discuss these needs have shrunk during the pandemic. IDT EXPO provides the opportunity to come back together and start a discussion among all sides of the industry again.”

Registration for the next IDT EXPO workshop series is now open. Registration is free to all participants, but it is required. To learn more about IDT EXPO and future events, visit their website here.

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