In his widely-read book on consulting, Managing the Professional Service Firm, David Maister notes that the goal of professional service firms is “to deliver outstanding client service; to provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our people; and to achieve financial success so we can reward ourselves and grow.” At ADV we work hard to bring into harmony the goals of service, satisfaction, and success in serving our clients and their needs.

If you’re reading this website, you are likely either a client or potential client. People who are called to the consulting profession are a special breed. First, consultants must know something that is of value. No one hires someone who can’t help them! Secondly, consultants must possess an innate desire to help people and put their needs before their own. Often what distinguishes “great” consultants from “average” consultants is the enthusiasm they bring to projects and their ability to provide meaningful solutions. Lastly, great consulting firms are well connected. Even if they can’t directly solve your problem – they know someone who can. In other words, great consultants are “Connectors”.

As a professional consulting firm, we hire people who have bought into our culture that is built upon service, satisfaction, and success. ADV works hard to provide excellent service and we want our clients and industry partners to achieve tremendous success. When you hire ADV you can rest assured that we’ll treat the technical challenges you face and make them our own. We use full-scale testing, engineering, and analysis to provide technical solutions and connect you with proven technologies and industry partners. That’s the ADV Way!