Ahmed Hassanin, MS-MET

As a young engineer, Ahmed Hassanin, MS-MET has built an excellent reputation in Finite Element Analysis and validates results with testing. Part of his work as an analyst is problem identification, which is a key aspect of any Finite Element model. Using ADV Integrities full-scale testing facility Ahmed can validate the numerical results from the FEA with experimental testing. This aspect is important because Ahmed can correlate a model’s output with the test lab’s actual experienced behavior.

Ahmed received his B.S and M.S in mechanical engineering from the University of Houston. He was an adjunct lecturer on strength in materials, computer-aided design, and fluid mechanics after completing his degrees.

Ahmed is also a partner in a family-owned coffee shop and juice bar in Los Angeles, CA. When Ahmed is not at work, he and his wife, Amanda, enjoy working out and hiking together with their dog, Sky. In his spare time, Ahmed also enjoys drawing.


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