Be the Beans

In today’s world and market, there is a tremendous need for individuals who can readily adapt to the challenges of life. In properly responding to the challenges around them, these individuals are better positioned to influence the world by making it a better place. We often grow the most when we are forced to experience pain-motivated change.  

Be the Beans tells the story of a young, frustrated CEO, Jake Carmichael. Jake finds himself in the middle of the biggest crisis of his life as his company, LaserTech, spirals out of control. In a chance visit with the company’s janitor, Henry Schmidt, Jake learns the story of the Carrot, Egg, and Coffee Beans and how his inability to adapt to life’s challenges has stifled his success as a leader. Read the story that changed Jake’s life – at work and at home. Explore the meaning contained in the story of The Beans and the spirit of outward-focused optimism, combined with an attitude of gratitude that might just change your life as well.